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Ribbon magnets have been used to raise both awareness of and funds for many causes and organizations

A “Big Idea” that got its start at KIC

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The ”Support Our Troops“ Yellow Ribbon magnets, which sold millions nationwide, were designed and produced right here at KIC. Their popularity has lead to orders for custom ribbons to promote awareness for other causes as well.

The Yellow Ribbon magnets, along with creator and KIC company president Chris Smith, Jr. and distributor Dwain Gullion of Magnet America, were featured in the November 22, 2004 issue of People magazine. The popularity of the magnets led to local television coverage on CBS and NBC affiliates and national coverage on CNN.

Revenue from sales of the ribbons has been used to literally ”support our troops“ -- Magnet America has contributed over $45,000 to Freedom Calls, a non-profit organization that helps soldiers in Iraq communicate with their families back home.

We’re proud to have a small part in helping people “show their colors”, be they yellow ribbons for our troops, pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness, purple ribbons for Alzheimer’s, or the color you choose for your cause.

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