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“Please accept this letter as a tremendous thank you and deep appreciation for the generous donation... for the Transportation fund. This donation is being expended for ...making sure the clients have a way to and from the center, also grocery shopping, post office visits, banking transactions, and medication pick up. Thank you for believing in this program.

The Adult Quality of
Life Center, King, NC

At work in our community

At KIC we are grateful for the support of our community, and it is only fitting that we contribute to its well-being and continued growth. Our thanks go out to the families of our employees, vendors and the local government. It is our own good fortune that we share with the local charities and civic groups, and we appreciate the graciousness of the generous people we have come to know in the process.

“...Just wanted you to know the kids, parents and supporters love your plates. You are a hero for doing this for us, plus a good friend with a huge heart. I'm proud to know you.”

Victory Junction Gang
“Once again many thanks for your support of Stokes Co. Ducks Unlimited. Your donated printing services help us a lot.”

Stokes County Ducks Unlimted

“I would like to my appreciation for your donation of the ...stickers to be used on the bike helmets. Your generosity means a great deal to our agency, as well as to all the kids who will receive the helmets.”

King Police Department

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to share the needs of our Special Children at King Elementary.“ “Your generosity will help to provide accessible playground equipment for our Exceptional Children.”

King Elementary School
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